Mens Health

Care for Men

Routine health care for men includes health screenings appropriate for your stage in life.

  • Young men should be seen by a physician every 18 to 24 months.
  • By the time a man is 40, he should see a doctor every year for a general physical exam and to be screened for blood pressure problems, diabetes and cholesterol problems.
  • Men in their 50s should see a doctor for information about preventable diseases and screenings for colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Using multidisciplinary teams as a base for your care, we offer you comprehensive care for all your health concerns. Our teams include physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, nurses, physical therapists and nutritionists. Our care also includes access to advanced medical and technical expertise if necessary.

Our health care team also collaborates with experts in family medicine, heart and vascular care, male fertility and sports medicine to give you appropriate care at all stages of your life.

Reproductive Services

We bring together board-certified fertility specialists to offer a full range of fertility treatment options. Our services include:

Cancer Care

Our health care team is part of the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. As part of the full range cancer services available, our team excels in the diagnosis and treatment of:

Other Services

UI Hospitals and Clinics offers these additional specialty services: