Burn Center Outpatient Clinic

Upon discharge, patients are scheduled for follow-up appointments at the outpatient clinic located in the UI Burn Treatment Center. These periodic visits allow our health care professionals to closely monitor each patient’s healing process.

Many patients and families find it helpful to write down their questions or concerns to bring to the clinic visit. Outpatients should complete their daily bath and bandage change prior to the clinic visit unless otherwise instructed. Patients who anticipate a dressing change during a visit should take pain medication 30 minutes prior to their appointment.

During the clinic visit, the physician examines the patient and makes recommendations concerning medication adjustment, bandage changes, physical activity level, and return to work or school.

Nurses assist the patient and family with any questions or concerns regarding wound care. This assistance includes offering advice about discomfort, itching, or home routine, and providing additional bandage supplies.

A physical or occupational therapist evaluates the patient for scarring and tightening or pulling of the skin and revises home exercise programs.

A social worker is available to discuss the patient and family's adjustment at home and can provide referrals for counseling, community resources, or other needed assistance.