Tissue Procurement Core

C. Michael Knudson, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Pathology
Support Staff:
Joe Galbraith, Biospecimens Repository Specialist
Rita Sigmund, Biospecimen Repository Specialist
Core Facility Office:
380 MRC
Telephone: 319-384-4737


The goal of the Tissue Procurement Core Facility is to properly obtain and make human tissue available for current and future cancer research studies. The Core provides research infrastructure in the form of IRB approved consenting and distribution procedures, Pathology directed collecting procedures, and a well-characterized repository of frozen or routinely processed, neoplastic and normal tissues suitable for molecular genetic, biochemical and pathological studies. Prospective collections that meet specific research requirements not ammenable to fulfillment from the repository are also possible.

Guidelines for Obtaining Tissue

Investigators who are interested in obtaining human tissue samples from the Facility should begin by contacting the TPC office at 319-384-4737 to discuss your project and determine if the TPC can potentially meet the project tissue requirements. If the discussion concludes that the request is ready to advance to the stage of making a formal application, the investigator will be directed to the TPC web site to complete an online application. Completed applications will be forwarded for review to the Tissue Utilization Committee. The Committee will recommend approval or disapproval. Priority will be given to those studies that are supported by peer reviewed funding or foster collaborative work. You will also be required to sign an IRB approved usage agreement.

For further information about the Tissue Procurement Core and application forms please click here.