UI HomeCare Staff Directory

Executive Director: The Executive Director at UI Community HomeCare provides leadership for all aspects of operations.

  • Danette Frauenholtz, RN, BSN, MBA

Nurse Manager: The Nurse Manager at UI Community HomeCare is responsible for managing day-to-day infusion operations and oversees the nursing staff, assuring that excellent service is being delivered to all of our patients. The Nurse Manager serves as an expert in vascular access and provides education and continuing education programs. This ensures that outside nursing agencies utilized by UI Community HomeCare deliver the same exceptional care.

  • Kelli Krutsinger, RN, BSN,CRNI, ext. 2161

Nurses: UI Community HomeCare nursing staff provide expert teaching skills to prepare patients to care for themselves at home. They also provide direct care in patients’ homes for those therapies that require a nurse to administer the drug. Nurses at UI Community HomeCare are experienced and certified in a variety of specialties including oncology, pediatrics, and home infusion therapy.

  • Melissa Fear, RN, BSN, ext. 2104
  • Marilyn Hansen, RN, ext. 2117
  • Lori Miller, RN, BSN, ext. 2106
  • Mim Winn, RN, BSN, ext. 2160

Pharmacy Department: UI Community HomeCare’s certified Home Infusion Pharmacist provides a plan of care based on a patients individual needs and the home infusion therapy their physician has prescribed. They monitor the patients’ response to therapy and correspond with physicians as needed. Pharmacy Technicians prepare patient medications in a sterile environment as directed by the Pharmacist and prescribed by the physician.

  • Kyle Enke, ext. 2114
  • Pam Grimm, CPhT, ext. 2162
  • Deb Killion, RPh, ext. 2123
  • William Griffith, ext. 2164
  • Chris Pasbrig, ext 2114

Clinical Coordinators: The Clinical Coordinators are the first people to accept patient referrals for home infusion therapy. They plan the patients’ transition from hospital or clinic to home and make sure needs are met. They maintain contracts with nursing agencies across the state of Iowa and work closely with the UICH Pharmacist, infusion nurses and inventory clerk to assure services are delivered when and where they are needed.

  • Becky Kaefring, RN, CCM, ext. 2103
  • Judy Stimmel, RN, BSN, ext. 2108

Insurance Coordinator: The Insurance Coordinator at UI Community HomeCare is specially trained to verify benefits for home infusion therapy. They ensure an efficient and effective system to authorize home infusion therapy services and they communicate with case managers concerning patient status. The Insurance Coordinator also serves as a consultant to referral sources and patients on payment and coverage issues.

  • Corinne Davis, ext. 2118

Inventory Clerks: Inventory Clerks call patients to insure they have all of the home infusion supplies they have been prescribed. They make sure patients are using them correctly and have adequate supplies on hand. Referrals for breast pumps, breast pillows and compression garments are also processed through this department.  

  • Aaron Killion, ext. 2164
  • Cassandra Seydel, ext. 2105

Reimbursement: Reimbursement Coordinators at UI Community HomeCare are specially trained in billing procedures for home infusion therapy. They will provide follow-up to make sure that everything runs smoothly once a bill is sent out. Patients can call the Reimbursement Coordinators to answer any questions they may have regarding billing and payment for their home infusion therapy.

  • Karon Demar , ext. 2111
  • Erika Goedken, ext. 2157
  • Mia Kahn, ext. 2147

DME Client Care Coordinator: The Client Care Coordinator manages services for durable medical equipment and oxygen at UI Community HomeCare.

  • Lisa Schmidt, LBSW, ext. 2109 (A-F)
  • Lee Zaletel, ext. 2143 (G-M)
  • Mary Plotz, ext. 2152 (N-Z)

Billing Support Specialist: The Billing Support Specialist at UI Community HomeCare is specially trained to generate physician orders and supporting documentation required to bill services based on payer requirements. The Billing Support Specialist also contacts durable medical equipment patients to determine their supply needs and assures that patients comply with and understand their prescribed therapy.

  • Katrina Parrish, ext. 2115

Warehouse/Delivery: The UI Community HomeCare Warehouse Manager coordinates the distribution of all patient supplies and medications. The manager, while assuring adequate inventory levels, maintains all delivery records and also maintains requests from patients, families, hospital staff, and vendors concerning home care services.

  • Cindy Fuhrmeister, ext. 2114
  • Michael Jacobsen, ext. 2114
  • Bill Griffith, ext. 2114
  • Chris Pasbrig, ext. 2114
  • Jack Klapper, ext. 2114

Support Specialist/Synagis Coordinator: The Support Specialist at UI Community HomeCare provides support to UI Infusion Therapy and Durable Medical Equipment. They also manage all aspects of Synagis referrals including benefit verification, drug authorization and contracting a home health agency for administration.

  • Rita Hesson, CPhT, ext. 2119

Information Systems Manager: The Information Systems manager at UI Community HomeCare is responsible for supporting the mission and goals of UICH by developing information architecture, strategies, policies, and computer system requirements. They introduce and maintain information technology, develop information solutions and integrate and protect computer information.  Staff are directed by the Information Systems manager in all aspects of computer operation.

  • Alicia Romont, ext. 2112