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To apply for state and federal programs that provide financial assistance, patients and their families must start with their local Department of Human Services or the Social Security Administration. Here are some of the programs for which patients may be eligible:

Family Investment Program

FIP provides cash payments and Medicaid health care coverage to families with dependant children and limited income and resources. The amount of your monthly cash payment is determined by the number of members in your family and your current income and resources. You apply for FIP through your local Department of Human Services.

Health Assistance Partnership

This consumer health assistance program deals with a variety of health care issues relating to Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. Several programs are indexed on the Health Assisantance Parternship site.

Healthy Kids in Iowa (HAWK-I)

Health and Well Kids in Iowa (HAWK-I) makes sure that Iowa's kids have health care coverage. To qualify for health care coverage with HAWK-I, the children in your household must meet some minimum requirements:

  1. Be under 19 years old;
  2. Be uninsured;
  3. Be ineligible for Medicaid;
  4. Meet the income guidelines;
  5. Be a citizen or lawfully admitted alien who meets specific criteria;
  6. Be an Iowa resident.

Call 1-800-257-8563 to get an application or apply online.

IowaCare Program

The IowaCare program ended on December 31, 2013. The Iowa Health and Wellness Plan, along with other options, is the new state program for eligible Iowa residents. The Iowa Health Insurance Marketplace is now open. Learn about the changes to health insurance and how you can enroll.

Iowa Home and Community-Based Service Waiver Program

The HCBS program helps people acquire additional health care while they remain at home. Medicaid covers basic health care services plus services to promote self-care and/or family care. A child, adult, or elderly person may be eligible if he or she meets the program guidelines. Waivers are available for ill and handicapped, AIDS/HIV, mentally retarded, elderly, and brain injury. Application information for this program is available through the Department of Human Services.

Medicaid for the Medically Needy

The Medically Needy program is designed for people who meet the basic eligibility criteria for Medicaid and who have resources and income that are limited, but that exceed the guidelines for FIP and SSI. Sometimes an individual's or family's medical costs severely affect their ability to live on their income and resources. Medically Needy is a program designed to provide medical coverage through Medicaid for these people. You apply for this program through the Department of Human Services.


Medicare is available if you are at least 65 and are eligible to receive Social Security benefits or have been on Social Security Disability Insurance for two years. You may also qualify if you have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease regardless of age and are receiving dialysis or have received a kidney transplant. You apply for Medicare by calling 1-800-772-1213 to make an appointment at your local Social Security office.

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance that provides: 60 days of fully covered hospital care, per spell of illness, after you have met a deductible; an additional 30 days of hospital coverage with a daily co-payment; 100 days of skilled nursing facility care; coverage for medically necessary hospital equipment; and in-home skilled nursing care if one is home bound.

Medicare Part B is medical insurance that comes with a nominal monthly fee. Everyone who is eligible for Medicare will automatically get this coverage. Your medical insurance will help cover the costs of physician fees; clinic visits, and in-home skilled nursing care.

Medication Assistance

Our social work professionals may be able to help eligible patients and families receive medications at little or no cost through the pharmaceutical assistance programs. For more information on medication assistance, please download our Medication Assistance Resources form.

Senior Health Insurance Information Program

SHIIP is a free, confidential service of the State of Iowa that helps Iowans make informed decisions about Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance, long term care insurance, and other health insurance issues.

Social Security Disability Insurance

SSDI is a program that can provide you with monthly cash benefits if you are considered disabled for 12 months or longer and have earned enough work credits by paying into FICA. Your monthly payment is based on your age, years of employment, and salary. If you remain on SSDI for 24 months, you will qualify for Medicare beginning the 25th month. You apply for SSDI through the Social Security Administration by calling 1-800-772-1213.

Supplemental Security Income

SSI guarantees a minimum monthly income if you are over 65, blind, or disabled for 12 months or longer and determined to have limited income and resources. Iowa provides Medicaid coverage when you qualify for SSI, but you must apply for Medicaid separately. You apply for SSI by calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

Women, Infants and Children

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) provides nutrition information, healthy foods and referrals for other services. Iowa residents who are pregnant or who have a child under 5, who show nutritional need and meet income eligibilitycan be served by WIC. You can apply for WIC at the hospital, receive a screening and receive coupons to obtain baby formula and/or checks for healthy foods. Contact the UI Hospitals and Clinics WIC office at 319-356-7416 or the Iowa WIC office at 1-800-532-1579.

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