The Nurse Residency Program

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Students who will graduate within the next four months or who have graduated within the last year with no prior RN experience are eligible to apply to our Fall Nurse Residency Cohort.

We offer a 12-month Nurse Residency Program, accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (2013-2018), and a Nurse Residency Transition Program that educates and supports new graduate nurses, offering professional development and help with work/life balance. Participants network with expert nurses from both the hospital and the UI College of Nursing. We are part of the the University HealthSystem Consortium and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing NRP program. Lectures, discussions, and hands-on learning experiences include:

  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Patient Education
  • Evidence-Based Skin Care Practices
  • Simulation Experience with Critical Changes in a Patient's Condition
  • Dealing with Death and Dying
  • Caring for Oneself
  • Generational Workplace Matters

The Intensive and Specialty Services (ISS) Division of the Department of Nursing is proud to introduce an opportunity for candidates hired into our Nurse Residency program to participate in a pilot project designed to expose new graduate nurses to each of the adult ICU’s orientation prior to joining their designated unit. Candidates selected for the Critical Care Academy Pilot Program would be scheduled for preceptor guided orientation experiences in the Medical, Cardiovascular, and Surgical and Neurosciences Intensive Care Units. At the completion of these rotations the candidates will rank their units of choice in order of preference. This ranking process will be considered by the ISS leadership team when placing candidates in their units for the duration of their orientation experience and Nurse Residency program. The aim of this program is to positively impact the educational experience for our ICU Nurse Residents and expand your knowledge and experience on an intensive care unit before being placed in your “home” unit.


Staff Orientation

Staff Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse Orientation
Central orientation for new registered nurses and licensed practical nurses at UI Hospitals and Clinics is an interactive two-week experience including: electronic medical record training, safe patient handling, infection prevention, patient and staff safety, and other relevant topics specific to UI Hospitals and Clinics.
Orientation to a specific nursing division and unit includes additional classes and individualized time spent with a preceptor. Unit orientation may range from weeks to months, depending on the unit and the experience level of the nurse. New graduate registered nurses also participate in the Nurse Residency Program during their first year.
Nursing Assistant Orientation
Central orientation for new nursing assistants is an interactive two-week experience including electronic medical record training, safe patient handling, infection prevention, and patient and staff safety. The class also includes skill training for personal care of the patient in the acute care setting
Orientation to a specific nursing division and unit includes additional classes and individualized time spent with a unit staff member.
Orientation for: Surgical Technician, Central Sterilizing Technician, Nursing Unit Clerk and Medical Assistant
Central orientation for a surgical technician or medical assistant consists of classroom education on specialized topics and electronic medical record training. The remainder of orientation time is spent on the unit.
Safe Patient Handling
Safe patient handling includes training on proper body mechanics, as well as demonstration and return demonstration on the use of limited, extensive, and total assist transfer and lift devices.