March 2012

  • Cancer in Iowa Report Highlights Lung Cancer Awareness

    The latest annual report on cancer in Iowa estimates 6,400 Iowans will die from cancer and 17,500 new cancers will be diagnosed this year, according to the "Cancer in Iowa: 2012" report released March 29 by the State Health Registry of Iowa, based in the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

  • Nominate a Kid Captain

    Nominate your child to take the field with the Iowa Hawkeye football team!

  • UI Hospitals and Clinics Nurses Named 100 Great Iowa Nurses

    Ten UI Hospitals and Clinics nurses named to 100 Great Iowa Nurses.

  • Great Catch!

    Lori Roetlin, LISW, a social worker in the Burn Treatment Center, won the 2011 Great Catch Award by pushing for a recall on a dangerous, gel fueled candle.

  • Women’s Works

    Learn about health conditions affecting women over 35 at this free health seminar.

  • World Kidney Day

    March 8 is World Kidney Day, urging people to become more aware of kidney disease and kidney donation. Learn more about kidney disease and what you can do to become a donor to help those in need.