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Our general neurology service provides consultation services, evaluations, diagnosis and treatments for patients with a broad spectrum of disorders affecting the nervous system:

  • The brain and spinal cord
  • The cranial nerves connected to the eyes, face, ears, nose and throat
  • The peripheral nerves which supply the arms and legs
  • The muscles of the body
  • The autonomic nerves which control the internal organs including the blood vessels and sweat glands

Our general neurologists are committed to provide specialized care with a generalist perspective, ensuring an innovative, effective and personalized approach, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of neurological conditions. Patients with any neurologic problem, uncertain about their neurological condition, experiencing neurological symptoms or needing a neurological evaluation may receive care in the general neurology outpatient clinic.

Additionally, a multidisciplinary group of neurologists and nurses work together in one of many neurology subspecialty clinics to provide clinical services and treatments for these neurological disorders:

For more information, please see our About Your Neurology Visit guide.

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