On the Road for Better Heart Health

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The University of Iowa Health Alliance (UIHA) will be providing mobile heart screenings across Iowa and western Illinois beginning in January 2014. UIHA is partnering with HealthFair to provide affordable heart screenings to detect heart disease and stroke risk.

Individuals will have easy access to ultrasound, EKG, and other tests used to detect cardiovascular disease and can receive six tests for $179 in just one hour.  The tests are valued at $2,300.

Six Tests Include:

  • an echocardiogram
  • 12-lead electrocardiogram
  • hardening of the arteries test
  • carotid artery (stroke) ultrasound
  • peripheral arterial disease test
  • abdominal aortic aneurysm ultrasound

There will also be a "Know Your Numbers'' risk assessment available that predicts a five-year risk for stroke, diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer and more.  The risk assessment is an additional $99.

Locate a Mobile Health Clinic Near You

Event Date Location Street City
3/31/14 Hy-Vee 1720 Waterfront Dr Iowa City
4/26/14 Hy-Vee 1720 Waterfront Dr Iowa City

All results will be read by board-certified physicians.

Any abnormal results will reported to the person who was screened and they can choose to have the results shared with a UIHA member hospital.  A care coordinator will reach out to person’s with an abnormal result and will encourage them to follow up with a physician.

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