Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a disorder in which your body doesn't properly produce or use insulin to convert glucose (sugars), carbohydrates and other foods into energy. Diabetes is marked by high levels of sugar in the blood because the body does not respond to insulin, a hormone that breaks down sugars into energy the body can use.

UI Diabetes Care is a leader in the treatment of people with diabetes and has developed innovative programs designed to help prevent and control diabetes.

We use a patient-centered care approach—a partnership between you and your team of physicians, nurses and dietitians—to develop a diabetes treatment plan that meets your needs.

Adult Services

The University of Iowa is a recognized leader in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diabetes. Clinical services include:

Pediatric Services

Our team provides consultations as well as long-term care for children with diabetes, endocrine disease, developmental endocrinology and weight management.