Fellows must demonstrate a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles, and sensitivity to a diverse patient population.

  1. Fellows are expected to treat patients and their family members, colleagues, house staff, support staff, and administrative staff members with appropriate respect.
  2. Fellows are expected to approach patient care with compassion and integrity and to be sensitive to individual patient needs with respect to patients’ age, gender, culture, and/or disabilities.
  3. Fellows are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards including maintaining patient confidentiality, ensuring informed consent, adhering to ethical business practices, and informing patients of all practical therapeutic options.
  4. Fellows are expected to be committed to excellence and on-going professional development.
  5. Fellows are expected to report to work in a timely fashion that provides adequate time to prepare for rounds, instruct junior house staff, and attend to complicated or critically ill patients.
  6. Fellows will check out any patient issues that may need attention overnight to the on-call fellow.
  7. Professionalism will be evaluated through direct observation by attending physicians and reported via rotation evaluations.
  8. Professionalism will be evaluated by support staff members via 360 degree evaluations.