Patient Care

Goals and objectives - the fellows are expected to provide patient care that is compassionate, appropriate and effective for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, treatment of diseases and care at the end of life.

Methods of administration

  • Daily interaction with faculty on inpatient rounds, and outpatient consults and follow up and outpatient clinic
  • Demonstration of various aspects of physical exam, lab monitoring, and plan of care
  • Clear expectations for interactions with referring physician, patient interaction and follow up
Methods of assessment
  • Direct observation and supervision by faculty
  • Feedback from referring physicians and patients
  • Ability to formulate a plan of management that minimizes patient’s discomfort
  • Ability to explain plan to patient
  • Appropriate follow up of patients, lab results and procedures
  • Completeness of patient workups
  • Documentation, maintenance of log experience
  • Evaluations by patients
  • Mini-CEX evaluations