Moonlighting is permitted in accordance with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics moonlighting policy. Moonlighting must not interfere with assigned fellowship duties and total work hours including moonlighting must not exceed 80 hours per week. In general, moonlighting shifts should not start before 7 pm and should end by 7 am. Fellows are not allowed to moonlight during the intensive care unit rotations. Fellows are not allowed to take call from home and moonlight at the same time. Each fellow will complete a “Request to Engage in Moonlighting Activities” form each year, and moonlighting will be allowed at the discretion of the program director. It is the responsibility of the program director to monitor moonlighting activities and moonlighting hours to ensure compliance with institutional and ACGME policies. Fellows cannot be required to moonlight. Fellows are expected to incorporate moonlighting hours into the duty hours when completing the duty hours reporting form. A copy of this policy is available for review in Appendix VII.