Procedure Documentation

Fellows are required to keep a detailed procedure log. An updated log is to be presented to the program director for review at the biannual fellow evaluation.

  1. The following procedures require documentation:
    • ECG interpretation (patient identification information not required)
    • elective cardioversion
    • temporary transvenous pacemaker insertion
    • programming and surveillance of permanent pacemakers and ICDs
    • right heart catheterization
    • left heart catheterization, including coronary angiography
    • cardiac biopsy
    • peripheral angiography and aortography
    • exercise and pharmacologic stress testing
    • transthoracic echocardiogram (2D and Doppler) acquisition and interpretation
    • transesophageal echocardiograms
    • stress echocardiograms
    • ambulatory ECG recording (Holter) interpretation
    • radionuclide studies of myocardial function and perfusion interpretation
    • pericardiocentesis
    • intra-aortic balloon pump placement
  2. Specialized procedures requiring extra training:
    • percutaneous cardiovascular interventions
    • percutaneous peripheral vascular interventions
    • intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)
    • intracardiac EP studies
    • permanent pacemaker/ICD placement
  3. Documentation must include the procedure performed, patient’s name and medical record number, date of the procedure, attending cardiologist, indication for the procedure, results, and any complications.