Pulmonary Outpatient

Residents spend between 2 and 4 weeks on a customized pulmonary outpatient rotation. They spend their time in a potpourri of clinics with pulmonary faculty By the end of the rotation the resident will gain experience with evaluation and management of asthma, COPD, interstitial lung diseases, occupational lung diseases, lung nodules and malignancies, bronchiectasis/cystic fibrosis, sleep medicine, pre-operative pulmonary risk assessment, and enigmatic dyspnea. Time with lung transplant and pulmonary hypertension clinic can be arranged on request. Resident will also have the opportunity to spend time in the pulmonary function and cardiopulmonary exercise test labs, both helping with the studies and interpreting results. Time is also scheduled in the Pulmonary Procedure lab to observe bronchoscopies, perform thoracentesis, and be introduced to a host of interventional thoracic procedures