UIHC Inpatient Rotation

Three teaching teams, each consisting of one teaching staff, one senior resident, 3 interns and 2-3 medical students, diagnose and manage adults of all ages and backgrounds with a wide range of medical illnesses.  

6RC TeamEach teaching team is on call every other day, alternating admissions with a second on-call team. The two day interns on each team can divide up to 4 daytime admissions.

The third intern rotates on an overnight call schedule when their respective teams are admitting patients. On average, each intern will be on-call for 4-5 nights per month spread over a 10 day stretch.

6RC panoramaResidents readily use ultrasound to assist in performing hemodynamic assessments of patients at the bedside. There are reserved teaching blocks in the afternoon where residents and staff will participate in a range of teaching sessions including morning report, ultrasound teaching sessions, and quality improvement projects.

TeamA 6RC sign

 Support staff includes a social worker, nurse navigators, and a unit clerk who assist with discharge planning and arranging follow up appointments.