Visiting House Staff

Residents and fellows from other training programs may be allowed to do an elective rotation at UI Hospitals and Clinics once the rotation is mutually approved by each program. Contact the respective program for additional information or assistance in becoming a visiting resident.

The following applies for those seeking an elective rotation:

  • All visiting House Staff must be under a temporary contract with the UI Hospitals and Clinics during the training period.
  • Stipend support and fringe benefits are the responsibility of the visiting resident or fellow’s home institution.
  • Professional liability coverage (malpractice) is provided under the Iowa State Tort Claims Act, Chapter 669, Code of Iowa during the elective rotation. This coverage is secondary to any other professional liability insurance coverage maintained by the resident or fellow or by his/her primary institution during the rotation.
  • Transportation to and from Iowa City, and lodging within Iowa City are the financial responsibility of the visiting resident or fellow.
  • Visiting residents or fellows may purchase meals on a cash basis in any UI Hospitals and Clinics dining facility and will receive discounted staff prices if wearing their UI Hospitals and Clinics photo ID badge.

Prior to approving a visiting resident rotation, the following documentation must be provided by the requesting resident/fellow:

  • a copy of his/her current resident/or permanent physician medical license from their home state. If the visiting resident or fellow does not have a valid state medical license, they will need to apply for Iowa resident physician licensure prior to beginning training,
  • a copy of his/her curriculum vitae,
  • a copy of his/her ECFMG certificate and visa documentation (if applicable),
  • documentation of a background check, and
  • documentation from the resident/fellow’s home institution of one TB test obtained within one year of the date which the visiting rotation begins.

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