Clinical Rotations

Our Pediatric Endocrinology outpatient clinic is active, with over 3500 visits annually. We follow approximately 800 patients with diabetes. In addition, the fellows are responsible for seeing various consults from other inpatient services and caring for new inpatients. We have an extensive referral base within the State of Iowa, as well as surrounding states.

Our program is structured such that about six months of the fellow's clinical experience is provided during the 1st year of training. During the 2nd year, the overall clinical experience is reduced to 3-4 months while at the same time there is a progressive increase in clinical care and supervisory responsibilities. During the 3rd year, the remaining 3-4 months of the clinical training is fulfilled. During the second and third years, the fellow gains knowledge and independence through a supervised continuity clinic. There are rotations outside the division that add to the clinical experience.

Throughout the three years of training, flexibility is maintained in the scheduling of clinical service months with key input solicited from the trainees regarding which months and which nights and weekends fellows are on clinical service. This input fosters independence among our fellows and facilitates their career planning. Trainees may, on an individual basis, choose to do electives outside the division.