Current Research Projects

E. Hakan Duran, MD

  • Gonadotropins in adipose tissue
  • Air quality and in-vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • REI tissue bank
  • Predictors of ectopic pregnancy after IVF
  • The impact of C-section scar on fertility and early pregnancy outcome

Ginny Ryan, MD, MA

  • Elective single embryo transfer of good or excellent blastocysts
  • The incidence and obstetrical impact of subchorionic hemorrhage in early pregnancy
  • Bioethics issues and education in obstetrics and gynecology for learners
  • Conceptualizations of Infertility in Reproductive Endocrinologists and other physicians
  • Patient conceptualizations of infertility
  • C-section scar defects: impact on fertility and efficacy of repair
  • Sociodemographic and geospatial predictors of initiation of and return to IVF care
  • The impact of lifetime sexual assault history on infertility in female veterans
  • The impact of lifetime sexual assault history on hysterectomy rates and reasons for hysterectomy
  • Military-related role stress and behavioral alternations of servicewomen
  • The prevalence of infertility in male and female veterans and the impact of service-related trauma
  • Patient consent and learner experience with pelvic exams under anesthesia

Craig H. Syrop, MD

  • Issues of health care delivery science
  • Health services delivery in female veteran populations

Bradley J. Van Voorhis, MD

  • Single embryo transfer
  • Efficiency and safety of IVF
  • Long-term outcomes of IVF treatment