Current Research Projects

Area of Research


A decision analysis of cost-effective infertility treatment Brad Van Voorhis, MD
Natural history of benign uterine conditions Brad Van Voorhis, MD
Etiology of uterine fibroids Brad Van Voorhis, MD
Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Brad Van Voorhis, MD
Incremental health related costs of multiple pregnancies, reducing the risk Craig Syrop, MD
Cesarean scar defects. Proposal for C-section scar defects, effect of labor; hysterotomy closure technique Craig Syrop, MD
Ovarian volume, antral follicle counts as determinant of ART success. Craig Syrop, MD
Shared risk programs Craig Syrop, MD
Stem cell program development Craig Syrop, MD
Essure sterilization Craig Syrop, MD
A NPY1R receptor mutation and its association with a case of precocious puberty. Ginny Ryan, MD
Birth weight outcomes after IVF/IUI Ginny Ryan, MD
Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of gonadotropin/intrauterine insemination therapy with and without oral induction agents Ginny Ryan, MD
Bardet Biedl Syndrome and infertility – a knock out mouse model Ginny Ryan, MD
Elective single embryo transfer of good or excellent blastocysts in a selected IVF population Ginny Ryan, MD
Establishing the link between hormonal fluctuations and the potential for injury in the female athlete Ginny Ryan, MD
Anastrozole/low dose hMG trial (ovulation induction) William A. Davis, MD
Anastrozole ovulation induction dosing William A. Davis, MD
PCOS William A. Davis, MD

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