PGY-2 Year

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The second year of our program provides you with in-depth experience in a number of pediatric subspecialty areas, including cardiology, hematology-oncology, allergy and pulmonary diseases. During these rotations, you are totally involved with subspecialty activities. For instance, you become the first-line consultant for each of the above services for both inpatient and outpatient areas. As a PGY-2 you will actively participate in designing the diagnostic work-ups and therapy programs for these groups of patients. This second year also affords the opportunity to participate in a variety of conferences, meetings and seminars within the subspecialty divisions. In addition to the required subspecialty experiences, two electives are available during the PGY-2, allowing residents to pursue areas of interest such as research or other clinical experiences, as they consider future career plans.

Additional experiences during the PGY-2 are designed to prepare you to assume increased responsibility, including a night shift rotation as the senior resident in house, supervising interns on call. Critical care experiences are provided in the PICU and in all NICU bays.

During the PGY-2 you will spend one month in the general pediatric clinic and in adolescent medicine as well as one month rotating in the Emergency Room at Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa.

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