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Celebrate Sisterhood

From her earliest days of school as a young girl, throughout the rest of her life, few friends will be more important to a woman than her best girlfriends. Girlfriends provide unique strength and support, laughter and encouragement. They celebrate each other’s triumphs and are there when you need them.

August 1, 2012 is National Girlfriend’s Day. The UI Women’s Health Center is encouraging all women to celebrate those special friendships by spending some time together and taking care of our best girlfriends.

Some healthy suggestions for celebrating your best girlfriends:

  1. Have a heart-to-heart. Long talks help reduce stress. While you’re at it, consider scheduling a heart risk assessment or other preventative heart screening.
  2. Sweat together. An exercise class, walk or bike ride is always more fun and motivating when shared with friends.
  3. Be healthy. Schedule your annual exam and preventative health screenings and encourage your girlfriend to do the same.
  4. Be green. Ride your bike to a farmer’s market for some fresh veggies for a healthy meal together.
  5. Plan a Girls’ Night Out. Anything from a concert to a casual night at home with the girlfriends can provide hours of fun and relaxation.
  6. Send cards to all your girlfriends. Get back in touch with your gal pals past and present. Send cards with photos of the two of you and thank them for their friendship.
  7. Stretch yourselves. Plan a day of firsts or activities that you’ve never done. The memories will be great.
  8. Take a class together. Go back to the days of passing notes and whispering in class. Knitting, drawing, gourmet cooking class – you name it, learning is more fun with friends.
  9. Write a bucket list. Make a list of 12 things you’ve never done but have always wanted to, and promise to do at least one thing on your list together every month or so.
  10. Start a new tradition. Celebrate your friendships all year long!

Take time to celebrate the women in your life. They make life more fun. Show your girlfriend gratitude all year long and make memories that last a lifetime.