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PARACHUTE IV:  Percutaneous Ventricular Restoration in Chronic Heart Failure due to Ischmic Heart Disease.  A Pivotal Trial to Establish Efficacy and Long-term Safety of the Parachute implant system


If you are a heart attack survivor currently suffering from heart failure, you may be a candidate for a PARACHUTE Device.  The PARACHUTE Ventricular Partioning Devise is implanted by a cath lab procedure for patients with heart failure.  Implanted in the left ventricle, the PARACHUTE excludes the non-functional heart segment from the healthy, function segment and decreases the overall volume of the left ventricle.  This is intended to restore both the geometry and the function of the heart allowing the healthy heart tissue to perform more efficiently during each heartbeat. 

There are two arms to the study:  Parachute Implant and All Appropriate Medical Therapy (AAMT)

Start Date
December 10, 2013
End Date
June 30, 2020
Gender Preference
Age Group
18 - 79 years
Principal Investigator
Vladamir Cotarlan, MD and Philip Horwitz, MD
Contact Info

Cardiomyopathy Treatment Program at the University of Iowa Heart & Vascular Center

Page Scovel, RN 319-356-1028

Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiology
cardiomyopathy ; congestive heart failure ; heart attack ; heart failure ; ischemia ; ischemic heart failure ; myocardial infarction ;

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