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Short Title
Official Title
A Randomized, open-label, Phase 2 study of the IDO inhibitor INCB024360 versus tamoxifen for subjects with biochemical-recurrent-only epithelial ovarian cancer, primary peritoneal carcinoma, or fallopian tube cancer following complete remission with first-line chemotherapy

This study is being done to find out if the experimental drug INCB024360 is safe and has helpful effects when given to women with a certain type of ovarian cancer. Women who have elevated CA-125 (a marker in the blood used to track the disease) and no evidence of disease (¿biochemical recurrent only¿) after achieving complete remission with first-line chemotherapy will be asked to take part. This study will measure how long women who take INCB024360 survive without disease recurrence after study treatment, compared to those that take a hormonal therapy called tamoxifen. About 110 women with biochemical recurrent only ovarian cancer will be participating at approximately 35 study centers.

Start Date
February 21, 2013
End Date
October 1, 2016
Gender Preference
Age Group
18 - 99 years
Principal Investigator
Michael Goodheart, MD
Contact Info

Sharon Stockman, (319) 356-2015

Oncology Division
201208508 ; cancer ; carcinoma ; epithelial ovarian cancer ; fallopian tube cancer ; Goodheart ; Phase two ; primary peritoneal carcinoma ;

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