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Clinical Trial Details

Short Title
Official Title
European Ewing Tumor Working Initiative of National Groups, Ewing Tumor Studies 1999 (Euro-E.W.I.N.G. 99)

This is a research study involving patients who have a type of cancer called Ewing sarcoma that has spread (metastasized) to the lung or pleura (the membrane covering the lungs). Ewing sarcoma is a cancerous tumor that forms in the bone or soft connective tissues. These tumors spread quickly to other areas of the body including the lungs. Ewing sarcoma is always fatal without treatment.

The overall goal of the study is to improve the outcome of individuals with Ewing sarcoma.

Start Date
July 10, 2011
End Date
August 1, 2013
Gender Preference
Age Group
0 - 99 years
Principal Investigator
Ayman El-Sheikh, MD
Contact Info

Julie de la Garza, 319-356-3749

AEWS0331 ; bone ; cancer ; connective tissue ; el-sheikh ; ewing sarcoma ; IRB#200606737 ; lung ; pediatric ; phase 3 ; phase III ; pleura ;

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