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Vision Rehabilitation Clinic

Our vision rehabilitation service provides expert solutions for all the challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments. If a vision loss has made it hard for you to do a simple task around your home, read your mail, pay your bills, recognize family and friends, our vision rehabilitation services can help you to lead a more productive life.

We specialize in a variety of low vision conditions including blurred vision, central field loss, contrast loss and glare problems, multiple field loss, distortion and tunnel vision.

Our services include:

  • Providing a vision rehabilitation needs assessment
  • Teaching new ways to use your remaining vision
  • Providing optical devices for in-home trials
  • Training in the use of adaptive devices and technology
  • Arranging for a specialist to adapt your home and integrate your new skills and devices into your daily activities

Our devices include:

  • Prescription specialty spectacles
  • Filters to reduce glare and increase contrast
  • Hand and stand magnifiers
  • Hand held and spectacle mounted telescopic systems
  • Electronic magnification including closed circuit televisions that enlarge print and enhance contrast for reading and writing
  • Head-borne magnification systems, for distance, intermediate and near vision enhancement

Our non-optical devices include:

  • Special lighting and illumination systems
  • Large print books and magazines
  • Talking books and sound recordings
  • Reading stands
  • Optical scanners for reading printed text
  • Computer software to enhance the video output or electronically read materials presented on the video screen

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