Heart Transplant

Iowa’s only center for advanced heart therapy is your foremost choice for heart-failure care. If a heart transplant is the best option to care for your heart, then you can trust that you’ll be served by a team of specialists dedicated to your care and return to healthy living.

Because of our broad expertise in the area of heart failure, you’ll benefit from the the latest in mechanical assist device therapy as well as groundbreaking clinical trials.

Our team includes pediatric specialists who are experienced in providing transplants for our youngest patients.

In addition to our longstanding record of excellent patient outcomes and our commitment to your health, the University of Iowa heart transplant services offer:

  • A multidisciplinary transplant team
  • Coordinated care and communication with your referring physicians
  • Streamlined evaluation requiring only one visit to UI Hospitals and Clinics
  • Quick decision for transplant readiness and shorter wait times for organ
  • Lifelong post-transplant monitoring and care

The care and convenience afforded you at UI Hospitals and Clinics is unmatched. We work hard to assure your comfort during your evaluation, waiting period, and throughout the transplant process.

Based on the most recent group of transplants reported by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, our three-year graft survival rate for all heart transplants was 100%, which is nearly 20 points higher than the national average of 80.9%.

Our Team

Every member of our multidisciplinary team specializes in transplant care. Each one brings years of expertise to your transplant case.

Transplant Surgeons
Clinical Psychologist
Physicians Assistants
Nurse Coordinators
Social Workers
Financial Coordiantors