Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education Programs

Mini medical student holding a brain.

STEM Education programs are designed for students in grades 5-12 with the intent to inspire appreciation and excitement for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as the foundation for understanding our own health and uncovering the next generation of health care professionals.

These experiential programs for groups allow students the opportunity for hands-on knowledge of innovation and problem solving in health care discovery. STEM Education programs are often set up by group request in partnership with community organizations and schools. Individual student job shadows, visits or tours are not available at this time.

STEM Education On-Campus Visits:

These programs are set up by request as group experiences or field trips in partnership with community organizations and schools and can be scheduled year-round Mondays through Fridays. Please note that these programs are set up for groups only with 5-18 students per group.

STEM Education Upcoming Programs

UI Health Care STEM Education programs will host several thousand K-12 students in the coming months. Look at the STEM Education Calendar of upcoming events.

UI Health Care Faculty/Staff

With the growing need for STEM Education in our educational system, UI Health Care tour sites and presenters are needed to accommodate the large number of students participating in our programs. Interested Health Care departments/unit volunteers, please contact Jackie Kleppe Williams at or (319) 384-3025.

Junior Mini Medical School

This 2-3 hour program allows students to explore medical education and live a “day in the life’ of a medical student as they experience some of the same training that medical students encounter. These programs are set up for groups only with 5-18 students per group.

Request a Junior Mini Medical School experience.

Student Group Visits

Students will engage in interactive tours and experiences throughout the University of Iowa health sciences campus including the UI Carver College of Medicine and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. These visits may include simulations, career exploration and STEM education principles.

Request a UI Health Care Student Group Visit.

Job Shadows

High School Students

Individual job shadows are not available for high school students (or anyone under the age of 18). We encourage students to participate in the STEM group experiences with a school group or local organization or to attend the Mini Medical School or Community Seminars.

Individual students living in or around the Iowa City area, may be able to participate in a group day that is coordinated through their school and Workplace Learning Connection. Students should contact their high school counselor and ask about the Workplace Learning Connection job shadow programs available.

College Students

If you are a college student that needs to have job shadow experiences for your degree requirements, you may be able to shadow various staff at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics depending on the department and various rules and regulations within that department. We are currently updating all policies and procedures regarding job shadowing for college-aged students. 

In the meantime, students are asked to contact individuals in specific departments within University of Iowa Health Care in which they would like to shadow. Departmental human resource representatives will instruct the students on the likelihood of a job shadow in that department and on further paperwork required.

Outreach in the Community

We partner with local educators and community organizations to reach school-aged students in your community through classroom visits, fairs, camps, and programs. If you would like to participate in a UI Health Care event please request a visit. Please note that we can not guarantee participation in all outreach events as we have limited staff resources. If you have any additional questions or concerns please email