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UChoose Helps Visitors Eat Well

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Look for the UChoose label to find healthy food options at UI Hospitals and Clinics dining areas and elsewhere on the UI campus.

The new UChoose campaign uses an apple logo to identify food items that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • fat makes up 30 percent or less of total calories
  • zero trans fat
  • added sugars are less than 25 percent of total calories
  • whole grain as a major ingredient
  • whole fruit and fruit juice is primarily used
  • sodium is less than 480 milligrams per serving or less than 600 milligrams for entrees or sandwiches

"We know that proper nutrition has an impact on energy, academic and work performance, weight management, and the prevention of chronic conditions such as cancer. People always have a choice, but the apple logo reminds people that they are choosing an item that will have a positive impact on their health," said Megan Moeller, coordinator of UI Wellness, a division of Human Resources and one of the campus organizations behind UChoose. Other partners include Health Iowa, UI Hospitals and Clinics Food and Nutrition Services, and University Housing.

UChoose was launched in January in an initial phase that included UI Hospitals and Clinics. During National Nutrition Month in March, the program has been expanded to several UI eating facilities, including dining areas in the residence halls.

"We've heard expressions of appreciation for our efforts to provide more healthy food options and our initiatives to raise the level of awareness among our students about healthier eating habits and lifestyles," said Greg Black, director of University Dining.