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National Child Health Day

In recognition of today as National Child Health Day, UI Children’s Hospital joins child health professionals across Iowa and the nation in reminding us that the health and well-being of our children is one of our highest priorities.

The following is a declaration by Tom Scholz, MD, interim head of pediatrics and physician-in-chief, UI Children’s Hospital, in support of the 83rd annual Child Health Day.

University of Iowa Children’s Hospital Declaration of Support

Thomas Scholz, MDChildren are one of our most valuable and most vulnerable resources. As tomorrow’s leaders, scientists, artists, teachers, healthcare professionals, and farmers, children represent the best of our hopes and dreams for a brighter future.

But children cannot reach their full potential on their own. They need safe and nurturing environments where they can play and grow; sound medical systems to keep them healthy; exemplary schools to teach them the skills needed for success; and vibrant communities into which they can grow.

As adults, parents, and grandparents, we must commit ourselves to ensuring that children have the resources and opportunities to grow into happy, healthy, and productive adults. We owe it to them, to ourselves, to our state, and to our nation to meet this challenge with resolve, conviction, and compassion.

In concert with the Iowa chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and other child health professionals across the United States, and especially across Iowa, the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital supports President Obama’s proclamation naming today, the first Monday in October, as the 83rd National Child Health Day. The first Child Health Day was proclaimed by President Calvin Coolidge in 1928. We recognize the fundamental necessity of having programs that help children lead healthy lives every day of the year. To support these efforts, the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital is developing an Iowa specific System of Care for our children and youth that will coordinate children’s health care across the state and improve child health outcomes.

We urge all Iowans to express their appreciation for children on this day and every day throughout the year, and to work within their communities to nurture, love, and teach all our children.