Headache Care

Headache affects virtually every aspect of life, from employment to social and personal relationships.

The initial evaluation of every patient at the Headache Clinic has two goals: making certain the diagnosis is accurate, and developing a personalized, effective treatment plan.

Patients who have unusual or concerning headaches have access to some of the finest facilities in the country for such procedures as head scans (MRI or CT) and laboratory studies. Specialists in all fields are available at UI Hospitals and Clinics for consultation as needed.

Once diagnosis is complete, we can choose among a large and constantly expanding menu of treatment options to put together an individualized program. Your treatment progress can be followed either at the Headache Clinic or through your personal physician. Close communication with referring physicians is a strong goal of the Headache Clinic, as we understand that headache is a chronic disease requiring ongoing treatment in the home community setting. The eventual aim is always to put the patient in control of headaches, and in so doing, of his or her life.