Veterans Affairs National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program

In recent years, several General Internal Medicine Fellows at the University of Iowa have paired their post-residency training with VA National Quality Scholars fellowships. The two-year fellowship allows physicians to focus on quality improvement issues and health services research in a VA setting. The program includes didactic training in quality improvement methods organized through Dartmouth's Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences .

The training introduces fellows to:

  • The design, management and monitoring of quality improvement systems.
  • The design and execution of quality improvement research.
  • Healthcare informatics, particularly the Veterans Integrated Systems Technology Architecture. (VISTA)

For more information, visit the NQSF website. To apply, applicants should send a cover letter describing their experiences in quality improvement and a copy of their curriculum vitae to:

Peter Kaboli, M.D.
Senior Scholar, VA National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program
Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine
The University of Iowa
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242-1081