Continuity of Care Clinic

  • for the duration of fellowship - UIHC
  • Each fellow will have a ½ day ID COC clinic every other week.

Goals and Objectives

  • During this rotation, the first year fellow is expected to:
  • Maintain appropriate follow up for non-HIV infected outpatients with a variety of infectious disease conditions
  • Become proficient in obtaining a complete history and physical examination of a variety of infectious syndromes
  • Develop an efficient diagnostic and therapeutic plan for a variety of infectious diseases
  • Develop understanding of various methods of administering antimicrobials at home
  • Modify practice based on new knowledge, or patient’s social and financial needs
  • Develop communication skills that will lead to effective relations with the patient and the clinic personnel
  • Develop understanding and adhere to ‘routine’ practices of health maintenance, especially recommended immunizations
  • Maintain appropriately complete medical records
  • Develop understanding of issues of confidentiality
  • Develop understanding of basic principles of billing and documentation

Teaching Methods

An ID attending is present for each patient encounter. The attending reviews with the fellow the history, physical, assessment, plans and encounter notes. The fellow also interacts with the clinic nurses, social workers, and pharmacist.

Mix of Clinical Topics

Each fellow has ID COC clinic every other week at UIHC. Patient with diseases in all categories listed in the curriculum above are seen. More than ¾ of patients seen are follow-ups from their inpatient stay and the disease mix reflects that of inpatient rotation.

Patient Characteristics and types of clinical encounters, procedures and services:

  • Adult patients from a variety of socioeconomic levels, ethnic background and immunocompetence states are evaluated
  • Patients and diseases as above
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Wound assessment and exploration

Reading/Learning Lists

  • Principles and Practice of Infectious Disease, Mandell, et. al., 7th edition
  • Core curriculum conference
  • ID Grand Rounds
  • Journal club, fellow selected articles for review and discussion
  • Up-to-Date
  • Online access to numerous journals, MD Consult and textbooks through Hardin Library


Immediate feedback is given on each patient presentation. The ID attending provides a written evaluation biannually. The entire care team also provides bi-annual evaluations. The fellow provides evaluations of the rotation to the Department.