Time Off

Time Off


Senior Fellows (F3) may attend one national meeting (usually ACC, AHA, TCT, or HRS depending on subspecialty interests). The division will provide $750 for travel expenses to senior fellows to attend an annual meeting. All the F1 and F2 fellows will NOT receive a travel allowance to attend an annual meeting if they are not presenting a research abstract. However, if the F1 or F2 or F3 fellows have an abstract accepted at a national meeting as a first author then all reasonable expenses will be reimbursed by the research mentor and /or fellowship program.


Standard for all UIHC residency / fellowship programs. Please refer to the GME website for details on vacation.

Fellows are eligible for 15 working days paid time off each year. Vacation can be taken during the following rotations: CT/Nuclear, UI Cath, echo and electrophysiology. Fellows may take one week of vacation on cath, echo and EP. If additional days are required it is up to the fellow to find their coverage. Vacation needs to be coordinated with the interventional, EP and CT fellows to allow for adequate coverage of the services. Specifically on EP, the general cardiology fellow will not be able to take vacation during the Heart Rhythm Society meeting in May as this is the most heavily attended meeting by the EP staff and fellows. In addition the general fellow will not be allowed to take vacation if of the EP fellow has already been approved for vacation at that time. Fellows needing to take two weeks of vacation for international travel may only do so during CT/Nuc rotation. This needs to be coordinated with the CT fellow to ensure there is adequate coverage. If there is a conflict, then this needs to be discussed with and approved by Dr. Sigurdsson. All fellows are required to provide at least 60 days notice to change VA clinics. UIHC clinics changes are more complex and should be discussed with the UIHC faculty member 8 weeks prior to canceling clinics as well.

The plan for coverage with regard to vacation on UI cath is as follows: During months when there are three UI cath, no additional coverage is needed and only one fellow can be off at a time. If there are two cath fellows and an extra echo or EP fellow, an off-service fellow may be asked to help cover several days in the cath lab, especially if there are no fellows in cath due to vacation and clinic. With regard to vacation on the EP service, we will attempt to cover it in a similar way. If there are more than 2 EP fellows on cath or echo, they may be pulled for a day or two to assist the EP service. With regard to vacation on the echo service, again we will attempt to cover it in a similar way. If there are more than 2 fellows on cath or echo they may be pulled for a day or two to assist the EP service.


Emergency leave for sickness or pressing family situations, paternity or maternity leave needs to be discussed on an individual basis with the chief fellow and fellowship program director.
Fellows are requested to cooperate among themselves to arrange for coverage if a short break (1-2 days) is needed at a short notice to attend to an urgent situation. Please refer to the GME website for more details maternity leave.