Call Duties

  1. Call begins at 5 pm and ends at 8 am on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday call is from 8 am to 8 am.
  2. Each day there is one fellow on call for UIHC and the VAMC. Interventional call is covered by the CVICU fellow and the interventional fellow.
  3. The CVICU fellow on call will provide back-up for the first year fellow. Back-up includes providing telephone advice regarding patient management issues as well as assisting with procedures.
  4. Each day will have an assigned attending on call to discuss consults. Two attendings are on call for the CVICU and Heart Failure/Transplant team. Another attending will be assigned to cover echo call (TEEs and donor studies), and one interventional attending will be on call to cover the cath lab. The attending call schedule will be published at the beginning of each month.
  5. The official daily and yearly call schedule is posted on the internet. Any call changes should be marked on this schedule, and the hospital operator of the appropriate facility should be notified.
  6. A call room is available on the 5th floor of the General Hospital (C54) for fellows on general cardiology call. A call room is also available for fellows in the CVICU.
  7. Fellows will see all urgent consults on call and page the responsible attending to discuss the plan of care.
  8. Fellows will provide assistance to the CVICU residents at UIHC and to the MICU residents at the VAMC as needed to help manage critically ill patients and new admissions. Fellows are expected to come in to see any critically ill patient.
  9. Fellows will assist with vascular access, PA catheter placement, elective cardioversion, and transthoracic echocardiography as needed. Once an individual fellow has received the requisite training and has been deemed competent in performing these procedures, he/she may perform the procedures without a senior level fellow or attending directly present. The results of procedures are discussed and reviewed with the appropriate attending. Advanced procedures, including diagnostic cardiac catheterization, transvenous pacemaker placement, coronary angiography, TEE, and RV biopsy are performed only under direct supervision of the attending.
  10. The fellows on call Saturday and Sunday for the UIHC and VAMC will follow-up with new consults and any existing consults from the week. They are also responsible for all EP consults, urgent TTEs, rounding with the attending on consults, and taking overnight call. The CVICU/CHF fellows on call Saturday and Sunday are responsible for all ICU admissions and interventional procedures required of these patients in the cath lab.