Inpatient Transplant Service

Each fellow will be assigned for 3 to 4 months on this service, working with one of the nephrology transplant staff. During the course of the rotation the fellow will learn the indications and complications of transplantation, the psychological impact of transplantation, and the principles of histocompatibility testing in the selection of donor kidneys. The fellow will also be exposed to the process of assessing suitability for living-related donor transplantation and will acquire an understanding of the modes of action, pharmacology, and complications of immunosuppressive drug regimens.

By being involved in the workup and management of graft dysfunction, the fellow will learn to recognize the clinical pathology of acute and chronic rejection, drug toxicity, and recurrent primary disease and will gain experience in the needle biopsy of the transplanted kidney. In addition to the day-to-day management of the organ transplant service inpatients, the fellow will participate in the Outpatient Transplant Clinic and the Transplant Conferences.