Year 3 (Optional)

In most instances, this year will be devoted to research, with at least a half day per week in clinic. We will encourage all residents interested in an academic career to complete at least one year of additional training completely devoted to research. During this time, we will encourage the trainee to attend Clinical Genetics Conferences and Genetics Grand Rounds, and to hold a weekly half-day general genetics clinic. Funding for the third and subsequent research years will be through individual or training grants if available, or other funding sources arranged prior to the year. Individuals wishing to sit for the American Board of Medical Genetics certification exam in a clinical laboratory specialty in addition to the Clinical Genetics exam must take an additional one or two years of training to do so, for which they must be accepted into the program in advance.

There is an option to apply for a year-long Clinical Biochemical training with competitive funding from the Genzyme/ACMG Foundation.