Miriam E. Leinen and Benita L. Carney Perimetry Suite

Benita Carney with patient in Perimetry Service

The Perimetry Suite was named in 2010 for two outstanding perimetrists who each in turn headed the Perimetry Service. From 1964 to 2010, a period of forty-six years, Ms. Leinen and Ms. Carney trained superb perimetrists who carry on the tradition of excellence that they established. The naming is particularly extraordinary since no other portion of the hospital has ever been named for someone other than a physician.

Five perimetrists measure peripheral vision to evaluate glaucoma, neurological diseases, and retinal diseases. They employ manual techniques (Goldmann perimetry) and computer-driven automated techniques (Humphrey and Octopus perimetry). In addition they use a laser scanning device to analyze the structure of the optic nerve (Heidelberg Retinal Tomography). Matthew J. Thurtell, MBBS, MSc is the director. The service tests approximately 6,200 patients per year.