• Welcome

    Welcome to the University of Iowa Emergency Medicine Critical Care Fellowship. We are excited to offer interdisciplinary critical care training to emergency physicians, and we are happy that you are interested in our program. The University of Iowa has been home to respected fellowships in anesthesia critical care, surgical critical care, and pulmonary critical care for decades. The Emergency Medicine Critical Care Fellowship is a distinct track of the Anesthesia Critical Care Fellowship opening in July 2015 that prepares emergency medicine graduates for a broad-based multispecialty critical care practice.

    Our fundamental philosophy is that practice in a multispecialty intensive care unit is the most challenging practice environment in critical care, and we train our graduates to enter multidisciplinary practice. Most non-academic intensive care units in the U.S. are not specialty-specific, so we offer broad based clinical training in medical, surgical, neurologic, and cardiac approaches to critical care to train comprehensive intensivists for broad-based clinical practice.  We also offer our fellows growth opportunities in clinical research, ICU administration, quality improvement, and procedural training. Based at the 705-bed University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, fellows rotate through adult ICUs comprising 99 critical care beds to get the best preparation for broad clinical critical care practice.

    Our mission is to develop leaders in the burgeoning emergency medicine-critical care movement. With three pathways to board-certification now available to emergency physicians, we are excited to be on the forefront of training emergency medicine intensivists. We are looking for applicants who want to shape this movement through teaching, research, practice, and advocacy. You are joining a select group of emergency medicine intensivists, and we are excited that you are interested in joining us.