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    Thank you for your interest in the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program offered by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

    Our fellowship program is designed to provide advanced training in the care of the pregnant woman and her fetus and in the use of advanced technical instruments and research skills. We have a strong emphasis on ultrasound and genetics (including a Combined MFM/Clinical Genetics Fellowship option), as well as an intensive exposure to invasive procedures/fetal therapy/prenatal diagnosis. The purpose of the fellowship program, therefore, is twofold. First, the graduate of the fellowship program is expected to function as a subspecialist in maternal-fetal medicine. Second, the graduate of the fellowship program is expected to be trained in advanced clinical and/or basic research and, thus, capable of expanding the knowledge base of this subspecialty.

  • Why Iowa?

    • The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is the sole tertiary health care center for the State of Iowa, and referrals also come from out of state. The Staff consists of full-time faculty in the College of Medicine, and so the complete patient population is available for teaching and clinical research.
    • Over 800 of the 1800 deliveries result from maternal transports.
    • Roughly 70% of the patients delivered at the University of Iowa have clear cut medical, surgical, or obstetrical complications of pregnancy. There are almost 500 antepartum admissions per year.
    • If demographic factors such as marital status, age, and socioeconomic status are included in the definition of high risk, at least 80% of the population is easily classified as high risk.
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