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    Thank you for your interest in the Psychiatry Residency Program offered by the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

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    Our four-year accredited program will provide you with exposure to a wide range of clinical cases of varied severity across the entire mental health spectrum. You will receive in-depth clinical experience in outpatient and inpatient settings as well as subspecialty training in geriatric psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, medical psychiatry, emergency psychiatry, and consultation-liaison psychiatry. Our training ultimately provides residents with knowledge of an array of DSM-5 diagnoses including anxiety disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, and substance use disorders.

  • Why Iowa?

    Our program will expose you to a broad range patients and learning situations. Additionally, our didactics will provide continued learning in a variety of topics. The community of Iowa City-Coralville will provide a high quality of living in a safe and friendly environment. And you’ll find a salary and benefit package that competes favorably with accredited programs in an academic medical setting.

    Our Facilities
    One of America's best hospitals, UI Hospitals and Clinics is a comprehensive tertiary care center dedicated to high-quality teaching, research, and patient care. The UI Children’s Hospital is the region’s largest children’s hospital and currently undergoing expansion. The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Iowa City is a major medical center providing care to veterans of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.
    Our Graduates
    Our residency graduates are offered a wide variety of opportunities in academic medicine, private practice, and fellowships based on their preparation.
    Iowa City, Iowa
    Few cities can match our opportunities for living, learning, and recreation. It is home of the University of Iowa, Hawkeye sports, and the world-renowned Iowa Writers’ Workshop.
    Our pay and care benefits make us a favorite choice among prospective residents.

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    • Amanda Forystek

      "I chose UI Hospitals and Clinics because of the strong evidence-based curriculum and countless clinical and research opportunities. The staff and faculty go above and beyond to help residents excel. Iowa City is also a wonderful, safe place to live!"

    • Amber Johnson

      "I train at UI Hospitals and Clinics because of the friendly atmosphere that exists within the program. The unique opportunities available at Iowa, including medical psychiatry and eating disorder rotations, also appealed to me. I have felt supported here since my first day."

    • Anvi Vora

      "I chose Iowa for a once-in-a-lifetime research opportunity. Now, I realize my appreciation for the spectacular faculty, great co-residents, and friendly culture of the city. Iowa is ideal for professional growth and satisfaction in any subspecialty."

    • Eric Boyum

      "The enthusiasm that both residents and faculty have in making the program a success was evident during my interview. During residency, it is evident that the faculty and staff are helping me achieve my own educational and professional goals."

    • Evan Ouyang

      "As a medical student at Iowa, I had early first-hand experience with its psychiatry department. After interviewing elsewhere, I found that the opportunities at Iowa are rare including the medicine-psychiatry, eating disorder, and geriatric units and the neuroresearch track."

    • Jordan Cates

      "At Iowa, there are many excellent teachers and researchers on the faculty, the program is responsive to resident input, and the service obligations are reasonable. In addition, I've had the opportunity to see a diverse range of psychopathology."

    • Kasey Strosahl

      "I am an Iowa native and preferred to stay in the Midwest to be close to family, which is important given that I have children. I also enjoyed that our program is very family-friendly and welcomes residents with all different social backgrounds."

    • Kija Weldon

      "UI Hospitals and Clinics provides opportunity for great training, exposure to numerous disorders, and faculty who are not only working on cutting-edge research and DSM-5, but are approachable and friendly. Also important is having a wonderful place to raise a family."

    • Sarah Falcon

      "I chose Iowa for the variety of clinical, research, and rotational opportunities; knowledgeable faculty; and supportive attitude of everyone within the program. I knew I would receive great training in an environment where I am part of a cohesive team."

    • Theresa Clemmons

      "UI Hospitals and Clinics is a tertiary medical center that emphasizes clinical excellence, performs cutting-edge research, and has a diverse patient population without the traffic of a huge metropolis. In addition, I appreciate the camaraderie between residents and staff."

  • Contact Information

    Stephanie Wainwright
    Department of Psychiatry - 2911 JPP
    University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
    200 Hawkins Drive
    Iowa City, IA 52242
    Phone: 319-356-1373
    Fax: 319-356-2587
    Email: stephanie-wainwright@uiowa.edu

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