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    PFP Fall

    Welcome to the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and thank you for your interest in our residency program.

    We offer a three-year ACGME-accredited program with a tradition of excellence. Our program is recognized as one of the finest ophthalmology training centers in the world and our clinical and research programs are consistently ranked among the best in Ophthalmology Times and U.S. News & World Report. Our department provides an environment that fosters not only intellectual curiosity and collaboration but also a commitment to teaching and patient care.

    Our facility covers over 56,000 square feet on two floors of the Pomerantz Family Pavilion as well as multiple off-site clinic and laboratory locations. With over 65,000 patient visits per year we are constantly striving to provide first class patient care. Our residency program seeks to give residents a broad general ophthalmology background with the opportunity to gain experience in all subspecialty areas.

    Please take this chance to explore the possibilities you will find at The University of Iowa.

    Thomas A. Oetting, MD, Director, Ophthalmology Residency Program

  • Resident Profile

    • Johanna Dijkstal

      Johanna Beebe, MD

      Ophthalmology Resident, 2013-2016

      I left my interview excited about the people at the University of Iowa. The faculty had a genuine enthuiasm for teaching in an environment where the first focus was always doing what was best for the patient. Also, the emphasis on didactic learning with daily rounds was unique to Iowa.

    • Christi Carter

      Christi Carter, MD

      Ophthalmology Resident, 2013-2016

      I am so grateful to be training at Iowa.  The faculty are brilliant and enthusiastic about teaching.  The residents are friendly, fun, and hard-working.  The spirit of camaradarie is evident everywhere.  I cannot imagine a better place to learn the art of ophthalmology!

    • David Phillips

      David Philips, MD

      Ophthalmology Resident, 2013-2016

      I wanted to complete my training at a residency where I would learn from world experts on how to identify and treat eye disease with cutting edge medical and surgical therapy. Iowa has proven to be an excellent choice for this. I am greatful to be training as such a wonderful program.

    • Blake Perry, MD

      C. Blake Perry, MD

      Ophthalmology Resident 2012-2015

      I decided to come to Iowa because I thought it was the best residency program in the country. To be surrounded by amazing residents and world renowned physicians who care about you and your training was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Iowa city has been a wonderful place for me and my family.

    • Bradley Sacher, MD

      Bradley Sacher, MD

      Ophthalmology Resident 2012-2015

      I came to Iowa for the world class clinical teaching, state-of-the art facilities, and superb faculty/staff.

    • Jesse Vislisel, MD

      Jesse Vislisel, MD

      Ophthalmology Resident 2012-2015

      I am continually amazed at the emphasis on resident education at the University of Iowa. Residents work directly with experienced faculty members in clinic and hours of valuable time are reserved daily for lectures, discussions, and rounds. I believe the amount of time our world-class physicians dedicate to resident education is unlike any other program in the country

    • Christopher Kirkpatrick

      Christopher A. Kirkpatrick, MD

      Ophthalmology Resident, 2013-2016

      Why Iowa Ophthalmology? Strong tradition, world-class faculty that are highly engaged in resident education on a daily basis, and an overall supportive environment amongst co-residents, fellows and faculty alike that make this an exceptional place to train.

    • Lucas Lenci, MD

      Lucas Lenci, MD

      Ophthalmology Resident, 2014-2017

      Iowa is a fantastic residency training program. Education is obviously a huge priority, and it is clear that all the faculty are committed to this! The faculty are leaders in their respective fields, yet very approachable and interested in my development as an excellent surgeon and clinician. I can't imagine training at a better residency program.

    • Philip Niles

      Philip Niles, MD, MBA

      Ophthalmology Resident, 2013-2016

      Picture having a department full of world-class faculty standing behind you, hoping to see you - a resident - succeed. What could be more powerful than that in a training program? The clinical and surgical opportunities here are truly top notch, but it is the caring culture that sets Iowa apart.

    • Prashant Parekh, MD, MBA

      Prashant K. Parekh, MD, MBA

      Ophthalmology Resident, 2014-2017

      When considering the ideal aspects of a training program (i.e., high patient volume, collegial environment, strong didactics, world-class faculty and departmental stability, ample research opportunities, personable residents and fellows, facilities within walking distance), I felt that Iowa had them all. Each passing day, I realize more and more what a privilege it is to train here.

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