How are the applicants chosen for interviews?
Completion of an Anesthesia residency program is a requirement. Applicants are chosen based on their educational background including scores, educational presentations, and research activities as well as their performance in the interview process and based on their references. The successful applicant will have an M.D. or equivalent and will have passed the Anesthesiology specialty exams or in the process of examinations by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Candidates must have completed a core residency program with at least one year of clinical training from an ACGME accredited program.
Interested applicants should submit the following: letter of intent, curriculum vitae, official record(s) of Board scores (NBME, FLEX, USMLE), letter of recommendation from anesthesiology residency program director, and two additional letters of recommendation from faculty members. Final selection will be made by a selection committee upon the recommendation of the director of the fellowship program.
Can you describe a typical clinic day for your fellows?
Typical clinic day starts around 6:30 am completing the regional blocks for the early start surgeries followed by morning acute pain rounds. During the day, the fellows perform regional procedures and attend acute pain consults. In the afternoon they check the OR schedules for regional procedures for the next day. If on call, the fellow would conduct/attend acute pain evening rounds.
Do you have an electronic record?
Yes, since November 2010 the University uses Epic for medical records, including documentation and orders.
Do fellows have an educational fund?
Yes. Fellows are allotted a fund of $2,400 to provide support for specific needs during the course of their training. An additional $600 is awarded to the fellow if they present a research project at a national meeting that is approved by the Director for Acute Pain Medicine.
What are your average duty hours?
The average duty hour week is 56 hours. Duty hours are recorded on Med Hub.
How are fellows performance evaluated?
Faculty evaluates fellows using MedHub monthly. The evaluations are based on the six ACGME core competencies.
The fellows also evaluate the faculty using the Department of Anesthesia Faculty Evaluation System (these evaluations are combined with resident evaluations and presented to the faculty quarterly to ensure confidentiality).