Paul A. Flamme

  • Hometown: Greenwood, Indiana
  • Undergraduate School: IUPUI - Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis
  • Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Before Medical School (list items you enjoyed doing, jobs you had, etc): Recreational Biking, Motorcycling. Visiting National Parks, Reading Classic Literature I Science Fiction, Film, Lutheran Church, Youth ministry; Worked with Dr. Rex doing GI research, Worked at Taco Bell
  • Medical Interest: Movement Disorders
  • Nonmedical Interest: Spending time with family, Service through Church, Community Service
  • Why Iowa? Well Recommended by a Graduate of U Iowa's Neurology Residency, now leading movement disorder specialist at Indiana University in Indianapolis, Nice People and Teachers, Nice community. Some family roots in Iowa (Cedar Rapids, and Marshalltown)
  • Future Plans: University of Indiana Movement Disorders Fellowship in 2014, then to practice movement disorders Neurology in Indianapolis area.

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