Atif Zafar

  • Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Medical School: Dow Medical College
  • Before Medical School (list items you enjoyed doing, jobs you had, etc): I was into music enjoyed listening alternate rock music. Was also into editing and composing for underground bands. Also I actively participated in NGOs serving underorivileged people. I was also actively involved in my dad's automotive business which helped finance my travel adventures.
  • Medical Interest: Interested in stroke, endovascular and non-interventional management of stroke. Currently involved in basic, translational and clinical research on stroke. As a senior medical student, I worked as a research asst. in an intractable epilepsy surgery program. Prior to residency, I did some master level courses related to public health and neuro-infectious disease in Stockholm.
  • Nonmedical Interest: alternate and rock music, adventure outings like sailing, scuba diving, sky diving, hiking, camping and trailing.
  • Why Iowa?: I love the people here, very friendly and accommodating. Iowa City is counted amongst the most educated cities in United States. Moreover, it's a university city with predominant student and youth population. I have traveled quite a bit but the springs and autumn of Iowa are incomparable.
  • Future Plans: Stroke Fellowship probably followed by fellowship in endovascular neuroradiology. I envision setting up a collaborative multi-continental Neuroscience Center of Excellence with a massive research database which can contribute R&D in the field of neurosciences.

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