Edward Clemmons

  • Hometown: Onawa, IA
  • Undergraduate School: University of Iowa
  • Medical School: Des Moines University
  • Before Medical School (list items you enjoyed doing, jobs you had, etc): Worked in IT, played golf and video games. 
  • Medical Interest: General Neurology, considering Sleep Medicine, Neurophysiology Fellowships, and just about anything else 
  • Nonmedical Interest: Golf, Hawkeye Sports, Entertaining, Bowling, Video Games
  • Why Iowa?: At the time I applied, Iowa had a strong focus on clinical acumen. In addition, growing up in Iowa and having gone to school in Iowa City, I understood the Midwestern hospitality and focus on family. My wife and I are thrilled to be a part of the Iowa fabric and to be starting our family here. 
  • Future Plans: Likely fellowship with a plan to join the faculty or a practice in a location yet to be determined.

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