Sarah O'Shea

  • Hometown: Melrose Park, IL
  • Undergraduate School: Northwestern University
  • Medical School: University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Before Medical School (list items you enjoyed doing, jobs you had, etc): As an undergraduate, I was interested in public health policy and global health, and studied at Sciences Po-Paris to pursue these interests. Another major academic interest was inorganic biochemistry research prior to deciding to officially pursue a career in medicine. I also worked at O'Hare Airport prior to college. Non-academic and non-work interests/hobbies included violin performance, ballet, running, and art history.
  • Medical Interest: Neurology- Movement Disorders and Neuromuscular
  • Nonmedical Interest: Violin and music history, ballet, modern art and art history, international travel, politics, healthcare policy, and cooking
  • Why Iowa? The University of Iowa is a supportive program with approachable faculty as well as many opportunities for research.
  • Future Plans: Fellowship. I would like to pursue an academic career in Movement Disorders.

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