Ali Maamar-Tayeb

  • Hometown: Austin Texas
  • Undergraduate School: University of Texas at Austin
  • Medical School: University of Iowa Carver College of medicine
  • Before Medical School (list items you enjoyed doing, jobs you had, etc): before medical school I attended the university Texas where I studied human biology with a focus on the social aspects of health and disease. During this time, I enjoyed volunteering weekly at People's Community Clinic, a free medical clinic in east Austin.
  • Medical Interest: Neurologic-infectious disease, stroke prevention, diseases of the vestibular system and general neurology.
  • Nonmedical Interest: I enjoy trail running, mountain biking, hiking, motor sport and local art.
  • Why Iowa? The promotion of excellence in patient care, development of leadership skills, technological and scientific advancement is what motivated me seek Iowa for my residency training. I also enjoy treating the diverse population we get from all over the state which includes drawing patients from very rural areas of the state as well as from urban area.
  • Future Plans: Not entirely sure what I want to do in the future. I have an interest in potentially seeking a academic position vs becoming a community neurologist. They both sound like really exciting career paths ...

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