Why Iowa

Photo by University Relations Photography, University of Iowa

A First-Rate Hospital

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is a state-of-the-art facility. We have sophisticated services and comprehensive resources. We are one of "America's Best Hospitals" as designated by U.S.News & World Report. We serve a large Midwest region for both primary care and specialized care, which assures that during your fellowship you will be exposed to a broad mix of patients and conditions.

Excellence in Patient Care

Delivering exceptional diagnostic and therapeutic services to our patients is central to our core mission in the Department of Radiology.  Our cadre of subspecialty-trained faculty are nationally recognized leaders in radiology, and as one of only a few tertiary care hospitals in the region, our department offers unique imaging services to patients both within and outside the State of Iowa.

The Department also excels in its collaborations with other clinical departments and centers (e.g., Cancer Center, Stroke Center, Heart & Vascular Center, ETC, Trauma, Transplant-HBP, Urology, Breast Care Clinic, and the Children’s Hospital) to ensure timely, relevant and patient-focused radiologic consultations.

Salary, Benefits, Schedules

Our annual stipends are competitive with other nationwide programs.  PGY-6 fellows begin at a salary of $62,500/year.  Couple that fact with the relatively modest cost of living in the Iowa City area, and UI Hospitals and Clinics compares very well to programs in large urban settings. Our work schedules include extended maternity leave benefits and meet national standards for time on duty and time off between shifts.

Support Is Always Available

The department has a dedicated fellowship coordinator, as well as IT support staff and a librarian.  A door is always open to help you achieve your full potential and career goals.

We Sweat the Details

The dedicated professionals in our Graduate Medical Education office see to it that your time and effort are concentrated where they need to be--on your patients and on your career development. Your work as a fellow will be demanding enough. With that in mind, our Graduate Medical Education office has developed a suite of services to handle the details of employment and licensure.

You'll Love Iowa City

Iowa City and surrounding communities get consistently high ratings from national indexes of great places to live. Affordable housing, outstanding schools, moderate cost of living, superb shopping and entertainment, excellent transportation, and a mix of diverse cultures all make it a great choice, especially when you consider that much of it is available within easy walking or biking distance from our world-class hospital.

Being located on a Big Ten University campus creates a big plus for our residents. The University is a lively place for cultural and recreational activities. It is a hub for high-level sports and offers the excellent libraries, museums, and cultural centers you'd expect from a Big Ten school. Iowa has the smallest enrollment among the public Big Ten schools, which translates into a campus that's easy to navigate and a surrounding community that supports everything we do for our students and trainees.