Chief Residents

Dustin Krutsinger | Charles Rappaport | Raul Villacreses | Alexis Wickersham

Krutsinger, Dustin

Dustin Krutsinger, MD
The University of Iowa (2012)

Dustin Krutsinger, MD

Dustin grew up in a small town in Iowa. As Dustin was growing up, his mother worked on the local ambulance crew as a paramedic and his father was a volunteer firefighter. At around age 13 he started hopping in the vehicle to join his parents whenever their scanners went off and they rushed off to an emergency. This early experience drove Dustin’s desire to go into medicine. During high school Dustin completed training to become an EMT and officially joined the local ambulance crew during his senior year. He worked on the ambulance while going to school to become a registered nurse. He then worked as an ICU nurse while completing the required classes to apply for medical school. He obtained his medical degree at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and graduated in2012. He then completed his Internal Medicine residency training at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. He has been in Iowa City for 12 years, working in the hospital in one form or another during that entire time. He stayed at Iowa because of the excellent training in clinical medicine and outstanding research opportunities.

He met his wife when they were 16 and married at 19. They have now been married over 13 years and have three children: Abigail age 8, Jacob age 4, and Levi age 1. When Dustin is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, hosting backyard movie nights and cooking. He also finds Iowa City to be an amazing place to raise a family with excellent schools, a huge children’s museum, frequent festivals downtown and several campgrounds and lakes nearby.

After serving as Chief Resident, Dustin plans on pursuing fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. His areas of interest include critical care medicine, lung transplantation and ethics.

Rappaport, Charles

Charles Rappaport, MD
University of Arizona (2012)

Charles Rappaport, MD

Charles was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. He attended the University of Arizona for his undergraduate education as well as medical school. He grew up with exposure to medicine as his father was a general surgeon and his mother was a CVICU nurse. It was not until college, however, that he decided to pursue a career in medicine. His interest was sparked by volunteering as a mentor for behaviorally challenged children as well as working in free clinics in Tucson and Mexico. Once in medical school, he decided to continue his medical education as a resident in internal medicine. This decision was relatively easy as it was the specialty that offered a perfect mix of patient interaction as well as pathophysiology and complex clinical decision making. His decision to come to Iowa was another easy one as well. He was very impressed with the program’s commitment to the residents’ success and the well rounded training he would receive. After his year as a Chief Resident he will pursue a career in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

Charles enjoys outdoor activities. Growing up in Arizona he was an avid skier and snowboarder as well as mountain biker. He is very passionate about sports (especially University of Arizona Basketball) and enjoys golfing as much as possible. His family still lives in Tucson and he enjoys spending as much time with them as he can. He is very excited about being a Chief Resident and having the privilege of working with the residents, students and administration.

Villacreses, Raul

Raul Villacreses, MD
Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil (2008)

Raul Villacreses, MD

Raul grew up in Guayaquil, located at the coastal part of Ecuador, and even as a child was passionate about learning. He often accompanied his father, a physician, to the hospital and to patient homes, and became interested in the human body and how to treat diseases He majored in Computer Sciences when he was in High School, but changed his mind during his final year and pursued the path of becoming a doctor. He received his medical degree from Universidad Catolica Santiago de Guayaquil in 2008 and then worked as a general practitioner of a small town called Chongon.

Raul always planned to come to United States to continue his medical training and as soon as he finished his rural year he moved to New Jersey and spent time studying for the USMLE exams,. During this time he worked as a medical instructor and taught international medical graduates and medical students. He chose The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics internal medicine residency program because it was able to provide not only strong medical knowledge, but also excellent research opportunities and, above all, a program that cares for residents.

In medical school Raul met his wife, Vanesa, who was his class mate and his co-worker during their rural year. They had their first child, Raul Alejandro, in October 2009 and their daughter Clara Emilia, in January 2014. While Raul is not working he likes to spend as much time as possible with his family, They enjoy biking together to downtown Iowa City downtown to do numerous activities, including eating frozen yogurt.

Raul’s passions for medicine and for teaching continue to grow. He enjoys the interactions with his patients and all other team members. As a chief resident, he looks forward to helping and guiding residents and medical students in every aspect of their training.

After finishing his year as chief, Raul plans to pursue training in Pulmonary/Critical Care.

Wickersham, Alexis

Alexis Wickersham, MD
St. Georges University (2012)

Alexis Wickersham, MD

Alexis was born in western Iowa but grew up mainly in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. After graduating high school, she attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2008. She attended medical school at St. George’s University, which allowed her the opportunity to learn basic science curriculum in England and Grenada and complete her clinical training in New York City. The decision to move to Iowa City to complete residency training at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics was an easy decision. Not only did moving back to Iowa mean being closer to her family, it also allowed her to learn medicine in a supportive environment that is known for its strength in academic medicine.

As the VA Chief Resident in Quality and Patient Safety, Alexis hopes to focus on improving nurse-physician communication on the wards, while mentoring residents with their own Quality Improvement projects and QI curriculum. Alexis plans to pursue a career in Hospitalist medicine after her Chief Resident year.

When not working, Alexis enjoys spending her time doing home projects, bargain hunting and playing tennis. She is also known around the hospital for her delicious baking, especially her chocolate chunk cookies.