The Maternal-Fetal Medicine fellows have the opportunity to care for patients with high-risk pregnancy needs in a series of clinics.

The High Risk Obstetric Clinic meets two days a week for patients primarily followed at UIHC as well as those referred for consultation or antepartum care. Typically, three to four new and 25-30 return patients are evaluated per session. Approximately 20 insulin dependent and 50 gestationally diabetic women receive care through the High Risk Service annually. In addition, there is a representative sample of nearly all other complications of pregnancy. The OB/GYN residents directly manage the patients in this clinic. The MFM Fellows are responsible for supervising the residents and in turn, the MFM fellows are directly supervised by the staffing MFM physician.

The Fellows High Risk Continuity of Care Clinic is scheduled one day per week, on Tuesday mornings. In this clinic, the fellows have direct management of select high-risk patients with MFM staff supervision. The high-risk obstetrical patients seen in this clinic are chosen to maximize fellow education. The fellows are expected to attain training to allow them to become an independent MFM consultant to general OB/GYNS, other specialists, and subspecialties.

Fetal Diagnosis and Ultrasound: All fellows have concentrated time in our busy ultrasound unit. The University of Iowa has a well-established multidisciplinary Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Unit. This clinic meets six half-day sessions per week and 40 to 50 patients are seen per day. The majority of level II scans, anomaly consultations, and interventional fetal procedures in the state are performed by this unit. Approximately 300 amniocentesis or CVS procedures are performed. Many cordocenteses and intravascular transfusions are performed each year. The fellows will become proficient in scanning. This includes the ability for the finishing fellow to diagnose a wide variety of malformations and provide extensive counseling including a working knowledge of the most common genetic disorders and malformations. The Obstetrics and Gynecology Ultrasound Program is certified by American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM).

The Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine enjoys a close working relationship with the Division of Medical Genetics in the Department of Pediatrics. A combined Maternal-Fetal Medicine / Medical Genetics Fellowship has been approved by both ABOG and ABMG.